Our mission

Our mission is to bring the client to the door step of the voters by various activities. We craft a strategy which leverages your strengths and minimizes your weak points.

Our Vision

Our vision is to utilizing the available resources optimally and to use our management skills in such a candid manner so that maximum results could be achieved in the elections.

  • OUR Value

  • Commitment
  • Always available for our clients
  • Transparent in our procedure
  • Striving for better
  • Enjoying challenge
  • All respect to our clients.

  • Abiding with these values Harrison associates have been able to create lasting relationships with our valuable clients.

Harrison Associate is a multipurpose consultancy agency that offers a wide range of solutions to various brand promotion & political campaigning activities. Our consultancy is tailored for the requirement of the clients from social and political domain. Largely the individuals seeking to contest elections on party tickets or independently. With experience at every level of politics and in every corner of the country, our strategists know that campaigns are about one thing: winning. We get involved deeply in every campaign we work on because we know that’s the level of commitment that it takes for victory. And we offer the same level of service to all of our campaigns, We specialize in political communication, strategy and brand building, media marketing, campaign management, image management, conflict management, information channel management, political Research & Development, voter relation and polling day planning.

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